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What can you release?

It is okay to be extremely happy. I want to tell you that it is okay to have the parts of your life that need healing co-exist with the parts that are whole and complete. You don’t have to wait until every box is checked to be elated. You can choose to focus on the continue reading…

This is the beginning.

My adaptability is a survival mechanism. If what you see today is completely unrecognizable, good. Honestly, why would I want to stay the same? Why would I want to be sick, unhappy, diseased, stressed out, unfulfilled, hiding, and miserable? Why would you? My adaptability has kept me safe, alive, surviving. What you may have seen continue reading…

#vanlifesunset 11.28.18 🚐 🌅 We dreamed it, now we’re doing it. In January I parked in this exact spot for the last photoshoot for my #LiveBoldLiveNow documentary about my life with #type2diabetes. I stood right across the street, having never done a real photoshoot before that weekend, and dreamed as big as possible, or so I thought. Just days before, I continue reading…