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#ImAwesome: Shatterboxx Media - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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#ImAwesome: Shatterboxx Media

The motivation behind the question “what makes you awesome” is inspired by a game that I like to play with Mari when we don’t know anyone. In this game, you go around the table, room, bar, whatever, and you have two minutes to talk about who you are, what you do, and your greatest achievement. Full-frontal bragging time. Then I throw in my .02 at the end. You dig?

I’m here to shamelessly promote people that I think are doing some awesome things out there, or are just awesome in general. Hopefully you find a thing or two that’s entertaining, helpful, worthy of adding to your reader, or, best of all, mindcrush-worthy.

Today, I introduce you the first dose of awesomesauce, Shatterboxx Media.

What is Shatterboxx Media? Um, the most bombtastic design company ever. Really.

Shatterboxx says: Jamie loved the font in Nicole’s header. Nicole loved that Jamie overused caps lock in online conversation. Fast forward to meeting in person on Monday, signing a lease on Tuesday, moving in together on Wednesday, and joining creative forces to relaunch Shatterboxx a few weeks later.

Sydney says: I may be incredibly biased, but I have mad love for Shatterboxx. Jamie designed my blog back in September for my fantastic relaunch into the “my-design-is-so-pretty-it-makes-me-want-to-write-more” category. So, who are the masterminds behind all that is Shatterboxx?

The mastermind: Jamie Varon

Jamie says: “I’m funny, ridiculous, interesting and honest and I’m the mothereffingreatest. REPRESENT.”

Sydney says: Jamie and I started talking in 2008. I’m not entirely sure why. Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m just saying, I don’t remember what sparked our conversations. Then one day I went to SXSW, had massive roommate drama afterwards, and Jamie talked me down. So I kinda love her for that. Also, she’s seen almost every Unfiltered post before it hits the interwebs, so there’s that. She’s kind of a big deal. But she’s really modest – so she’d never tell you that.

Jamie blogs at A Life In Translation – which is totally awesome, btw.

Her sidekick? Nicole Antoinette

Nicole says: “I’m pretty much the funniest ever and I’m a great kisser and I can pull off stupidly big earrings without looking too much like a trendy douchebag.”

Sydney says: Once upon a time, I discovered this post and simultaneously started talking to Nicole because she knows Jamie. It wasn’t until about three weeks in to our newly-blossoming friendship that I realized “OMFG you’re the one who wrote the hookup culture post!” and the rest, my friends, is history.

When she was in doubt about moving to San Francisco with ABSOLUTELY nothing, I told her she should do it. And she did. Which reminds me, YOU TOTALLY OWE ME ELEVENTY MILLION DOLLARS when you strike it rich. Anyway, so she moves to San Fran, meets Jamie, they chat, they sign a lease, and then BAM! Shatterboxx is all kinds of relaunched with not one totally awesome face behind it, but now two.

I may or may not have briefly entertained the idea of moving out to San Francisco when Nicole told me about her and Jamie’s grand plan for total world domination. Just sayin’.

Interested in being part of the #ImAwesome series? Shoot me an email (sydney.a.owen@gmail.com) with your name, what you do, why you’re awesome and a picture of your awesome self.

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