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Passion is not limited to entrepreneurship. - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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Passion is not limited to entrepreneurship.

Quit your day job.

Leave the 9-5.

Get out of your cubicle/office/four walls of whatever organization you work with.

Live the free life! Bounce from coffee shop to coffee shop, bookstore to bookstore, library to library!

Be free!

Be an entrepreneur.


Seriously – I’m over it. Passion is not limited to entrepreneurship. Doing good work, enjoying your life, and making a difference is not limited to those who start their own business.

I’m going to speak on behalf of everyone who loves their 9-5 for a good chunk of this post. And sometimes I’m going to jump back in and talk about the things I love specifically because, well, I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth.

We love our 9-5’s (technically 8:30-5:30, but sometimes 7-7, 8-9). And we’re not by any means less passionate about the work that we’re doing or the life that we’re living because we aren’t starting our own businesses or working for ourselves.

I’ll be honest, I’d probably suck at the “working on my own” thing. I’ll be honest (again) and even go so far as to say that I think I’m probably too lazy for that lifestyle. That naps (one of my favorite past times) would get in the way of productivity.

In my 9-5 I have the structure that I obsess over. I also have the creative freedom to rock the house when I’m given a task and given the wings to take it and fly. So please, stop preaching to the masses that we aren’t great leaders-to-be, thinkers, creators or doers because we’re happy with the ladder.

As cool as your story is, leaving a job you hated to do something you love – we (the Ladder-Lovers) did the same. Our paths are not so different from yours. We busted our asses similarly to how you busted yours to get to where you are. We networked (and continue to network) our faces off to get to where we are (and where we’re going), similar to how you did, and how you continue to do.

Your story is awesome because you’re living the dream. Our stories are awesome for the same reason. Where your story differs is that you get jazzed about doing your own thing. We, well, I get jazzed about thinking about how I started at my current employer as an intern, and I look forward to learning from everyone that works here as I move through (or up, whatever) the ladder that everyone has deemed evil.

The hours we keep and the location of where we do work does not define what we consider to be passion for the work we are doing.

I know people that study improv on the side to enhance their ability to tell a story. I, personally, am getting certified to jump out of planes because I am an adrenaline junkie and think REALLY clearly right before I jump out at 14,000 feet above ground. I know people that play instruments, do open mic night, rock at karaoke, run marathons, and scuba dive for an extra boost in the passion that they have for life.

So please, for the love, stop telling the world that the true path to passion is breaking the 9-5 mold.

Passion is not limited to entrepreneurship.

And what the definition of entrepreneur could be another post in itself. I’d like to think that we (the Ladder-Lovers) have a little bit of that entrepreneurial spirit.

An entrepreneurial mindset can be described as a group of personal dispositions, also known as entrepreneurial spirit, which lead to the innovative practice of identifying and/or creating opportunities, then acting to manifest those opportunities in a productive way. –Wikipedia (I know, I know, don’t cite Wikipedia for school papers, but we aren’t in school and I like this definition)

So, we’ve talked about how passion is different for everybody – and that it doesn’t even necessarily apply to your career (side note – read this and this – spot-freakin-on)… What do you think? Do you work 9-5 and love it? Are you an entrepreneur who is sick of entrepreneurs talking about how awesome it is to be an entrepreneur?

At the end of the day, if we want to be all kumbayah about it – can’t we all just celebrate the fact that we’ve found something to be passionate about? Shouldn’t passionate people recognize and appreciate and celebrate other passionate folks?

Can we come up with another word for passion? Please?

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