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Brand Haiku: Chipotle

Not my salad, but you get it.

Not my salad, but you get it. Photo credit:

A little back story: I used to be a student brand manager for Chipotle at USF. The other day, I ventured in for my usual: a chicken salad with black beans, veggies, corn salsa, regular salsa, cheese and guac, with sour cream on the side. Everyone and their mom says that Chipotle is horrible for you, but really, it doesn’t have to be. ANYWAY, I get back to my desk to enjoy my delicious salad and my chicken is cold.

I wasn’t looking for any freebies. Really. Having used to work with the Chipotle marketing team, I know how important food quality is to them and I just wanted them to know that the chicken was cold. One less-than-usually-stellar salad wasn’t going to keep me from going back. I love me some Chipotle. I had to go through a couple hoops to get to the right forum to let them know, but once I did I received a friendly email from one of the marketing gals, asking for my mailing address so they could send me a gift card so I could enjoy another salad. Next time, with hot chicken. šŸ™‚

So, my dear friends at Chipotle (and fellow burrito-lovers), a little brand haiku for you:

I love Chipotle.
Chicken salad is my fave.
Can’t wait to go back.

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