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25 Things: An Update.

So, as it turns out, I kinda suck at the whole actually-executing-all-25-things-on-my-list-of-things-I’m-going-to-do-while-I’m-25-thing. I’ve crossed five off the list in the first six months. Mind you, the five that I’ve plowed through are all pretty awesome, and I’m not by any means upset about this, but I think it’s high time I revamp my list.

So, below, please find 20 new items that I will complete before I turn 26 in 6 months (minus a day, since my birthday is on the 3rd).

  1. Continue to be true to myself, my career goals, and my goals as they pertain to skydiving.
  2. Live in a simple fashion – eliminate the clutter.
  3. Be a good mentor to someone (I’ve heard I can cross this one off from multiple people but this is one of those things that is on-going).
  4. Facilitate an engaging discussion at SXSW 2011 about mentoring.
  5. Get to 100 jumps, and if time allows, my coach rating. The coach rating thing is a 2011 goal, but I don’t see why that can’t happen before June.
  6. Visit my family at least once between now and June.
  7. Stay in touch with my friends and former colleagues in Chicago. (Hi everyone!)
  8. Save enough money for a skydiving trip to somewhere cooler, climate-wise, when it’s blazing hot in Austin.
  9. Get new contacts.
  10. Go to the doctor.
  11. Blog more. Explore other areas of PR/Marketing and all things social.
  12. Help a student in their job search.
  13. Bring great people to WCG.
  14. Make time for myself so I can recharge and keep the creative energy at the highest level possible.
  15. Stay sane while the boy is on his adventure on the east coast. Set dates to see him while he’s in Chicago next season. Continue to be awesome to and with him and grow as a person. This one should count for 5 points.
  16. Keep my car maintained. AKA, get my car in for maintenance.
  17. Spend less money on stupid stuff. (See saving money on #8)
  18. Commit to a fitness plan that is sustainable. (See also #14)
  19. Eat clean. Go big or go home. Stop eating garbage and get back on track. Holidays are over, tubby.
  20. Do the right thing. Every time. It might not always make sense, but follow my gut. It’s served me well so far.

What are some things you hope to accomplish in 2011? If you’re working on a similar list of things you want to do during XX year, how is it coming? Are you keeping yourself in check and holding yourself accountable?

I still want to meet Oprah, for the record. So if you can work on that for me, that’d be great.

And I’m keeping the old list up, under the new list. You can see it here.

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  • Hey Sydney! Just read this list (during my homeroom’s Science class, shh!) and thought I’d post up a comment about how I’m doing something pretty similar this year. First got it in my head back when I saw your original list back in the summertime, but finally got around to it due to some unforseen (and pretty lame) things that happened recently. I figure it’s a good way to keep organized and goal-oriented while focusing on myself, which hasn’t always been the case.

    As far as the list goes, it at And yes. I was listening to the Pogues when I created the name, but I figure it fits since a lot of my goals have to do with my body (eating/working out). As far as keeping accountable, that’s why the blog is there. Hopefully I’ll find some people reading it and keeping on me about certain things. (So yes… this comment was, in part, a plug for my own blog. Thanks!)

    Good luck with your goals!


    p.s. I’ll see what I can do about Oprah. I think I might be slightly related to someone who is her chief bodyguard’s neighbor/friend. Then again… he might not be anymore. Also… I hold little sway in that area. Just sayin’.

  • That should be I put .org earlier. My bad.

  • B Randi Blazier

    damn, i love you Sydmeist

  • Angela Ten Clay

    Great stuff Sydney, as always! I’m with you on a few including meeting Oprah (let’s do it together!), live in a simple fashion, eat healthy and exercise more. Oh, and I’d like to get on board with blogging more too. Too bad we don’t live closer – we’d knock off our to do list together!

  • Davidity-Dave

    You go girl. Let me comment on some not all of the above. This will be from the perspective of an old man. I will avoid preachy and “Dadisms”

    #2. Avoid ALL clutter, mental, physical, spriritual. It is trash of the unfinished.

    #3. Be a good mentor to someone…including yourself. Nietzsche said “don’t worry about being better than someone else, be better than yourself.

    #5. I know you’ve heard me say this before but get those first 100 jumps in as quickly as you can. It is critical that the learning is packed together in a small timeframe. it’s like taking 100 French lessons over 6 months or three years.

    #8. whatchu talkin? Austin is great when it’s 107 degrees šŸ™‚

    #10. Go to the doctor? uh yeah!

    #12. That’s a cool thing to do, especially in this economy.

    #14. Also read a book that is totally outside your interest or philosophy. You’d be amazed…

    15. I have no advice. I could write a book on how to screw up relationships. It took me 30 years and a good women to wake the F up! Generally not a good idea to take love advice from men anyway, (I’m just sayin’)

    #16 Yes, yes and YES! Nothing sucks worse than to hear “you need a new transmission”.

    #17 saving $ on stupid stuff leaves more $ for SKY FRIKKIN’ DIVING (AND YES …I AM YELLING!)

    #18 Fitness yes!!!! and not it’s not fun. ( I don’t think it’s supposed to be. I run 5k races and people say “you must love running?” and I say not really. And I promise you getting shape and flexible WILL make you a better skydiver.

    #19 Eat clean lean and mean. Study about the crap in processed food and go local.

    #20 Follow your heart darling. Marta just mentioned some changes you are considering…DO IT! you will hate yourself 20-30 years from now if you don’t.

  • Humble apologies … for the ridiculous delay in that update. My PC crashed, as tends to happen from time to time. Normal, slightly-less-shoddy service should will now resume. 35 min: A lot of credit has to go to Emilio Izaguirre for that second Celtic …