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We’ll be Four Seasons guests for life.

This is a story all about how (… not Fresh Prince-style, but kinda) the Four Seasons is excellent at what they do, offline and online.

I’m a sucker for a consistent brand experience. Think, Chipotle for food, and Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and Norwegian Cruise lines to name a few excellent travel experiences as of late. When you find a brand who does the in-person experience as well as they do the online brand experience, it’s a magical thing.

I’ve already shared the story of how the Four Seasons in Denver won our hearts for our pre-wedding and wedding-night stay. To recap: I put the word out on Twitter that we wanted a sweet hotel for this special occasion while we were getting married in Denver. My friend Jen recommended Four Seasons, and within minutes, actual minutes, the brand had already responded, looking to accomodate us. We were stoked.

Here’s the deal. There is no way we could afford Four Seasons on the regular. We don’t travel a lot, and when we do, we’re usually visiting friends or family, so a hotel is the least of our worries. But I will tell you this: on every vacation, moving forward, whenever we can afford it, we will be staying at the Four Seasons.

There are a bunch of reasons why:

  • We never felt like we weren’t good enough to stay there – as is not always the case with luxury brands if you aren’t, yourself, luxurious.
  • The staff is incredible, from the PR manager (at the Denver hotel), to the concierge, to the valet, everyone we encountered made us feel like royalty.
  • The rooms. Oh the rooms. The Four Seasons Denver is a newer addition to the chain, so it’s to be expected that the rooms are incredible, but yeah. The beds are incredible (I could stay there all day), the rooms are well-decorated and spacious, and the bathrooms are something to write home about. The shower, in particular, is worth writing home about. In fact, I did.
  • The little things. A welcome gift from the PR Manager when we arrived. Personalized turn down service, with a tree of lollipops and a tweet from @FSDenver transposed on white chocolate.










I woke up on November 11th, all nerdy like, and shouted an excited “Happy One Month of Being Married Anniversary” to Barry. We laughed, because for the past month we’ve been on the road and entertaining one of his students from Chicago, so we haven’t really had any us-time since our honeymoon. And then I saw this tweet. And I was wowed.

It’s one thing to make a guest feel like a rockstar before they get there (not a lot of brands do), it’s one thing to make them feel like a rockstar while they’re staying with you (or dining, or flying, or otherwise interacting with your brand however that works with your brand), but it’s quite another to remember, one month after you’ve already paid the bill, that it is a guest’s anniversary. And a measly anniversary at that.

And this, my friends, is why no matter what the circumstances, if we can swing a stay at the Four Seasons, we will. It’s a big spend for us on our skydiving-generated income, but when it comes to special occasions, and being taken care of: Four Seasons is tops. Period. The end.

On our honeymoon, we did a spa treatment on board the Norwegian Pearl, an hour massage, focusing on neck, back, and scalp. Afterwards, we decided that this is something we want to try to do monthly – to reset, to take care of ourselves, and, more importantly, to have some quality us-time to look forward to every month.

If there is some way for me to swing the spa treatments happening at a Four Seasons hotel/spa, you can bet your bottom dollar I will. Because at the end of the day, people like buying things from their friends. And while I don’t know the staff at every Four Seasons hotel, I can totally get behind the brand experience, and I feel valued there. So they get my money, even if it’s on an infrequent basis.

So, Dana and the rest of the staff at Four Seasons Denver: thank you. Thank you for an incredible stay for our wedding, thank you for this experience, and thank you for allowing me to experience what it’s like to be on the opposite side of a well-balanced brand interaction.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. I just really freaking love Four Seasons Denver and can’t wait to check out other locations as time/money allows. Word.

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  • chriscruises

    I love “When you find a brand who does the in-person experience as well as they do the online brand experience, it’s a magical thing.”  So true.  Nailed.

  • I wholeheartedly agree!! Four Seasons was amazing and the beds…OH THE BEDS!! They even brought us a roll up bed that was glorious. Definitely the best hotel I have ever stayed at. When I can swing it, I’ll definitely be staying there. Totally worth it.