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Welcome! And welcome back! - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

join the unfiltered family.

Around here, we don’t drink the kool-aid.

We only drink TRUTH JUICE, freshly squeezed, straight to your inbox.

Welcome! And welcome back!

We’re so live right now, it’s not even funny how live we are. 363 days ago, I hopped on Facebook and posted a screenshot of the landing page here. I had just gotten home from a retreat, I was 10 days away from leaving for Europe, and I was SO STOKED ON LIFE. I was going to write about my adventures overseas via my mailing list, come home from Europe, finish the redesign, and go on with my bad self. Then life happened, as it tends to do.

We’ll get into that in the days/weeks/months/years/lifetimes to come.

For now, let’s take a quick tour.

While the look has changed, this version of Sydney: Unfiltered is no different, content-wise. Same #truthjuice* – the fun stuff and the messy stuff – and I’ve imported the old posts too. This blog dates back to 2008, but I’ve been writing online since 2003 (what up, Xanga?!). Though some of the posts are borderline embarrassing to read now, it’s a body of my work, thoughts, and life, and they are very much a part of me.

The About Sydney page is brand-spankin’ new. Historically, I have treated my website like my living room on the Internet. Kick your shoes off, grab a drink, and come sit on the couch while we talk about life shit. So if we are running with that metaphor, this is my house. And at my house, we have just one rule: No assholes. You’ll have a better idea of what I’m all about and what Unfiltered is all about after reading the Unfiltered Manifesto on the About page.

The Unicorn For Hire page is new and part of a larger effort to distinguish the difference between who I AM and what I DO. It highlights the things I’m good at, could talk for HOURS about, and the kind of work I enjoy doing. Note: I am SUPER happy (and to be honest, pretty much maxed out on time) with the work I’m doing now, and (not but) I’m always down to add to my happiness level and jam with folks who may have questions about those particular topics. 

I’m looking forward to pounding my fingers on the keyboard more now that I’ve got a pretty place to do it. Mad love to my friend, inspiration, and designer goddess: Jamie Varon. It’s kind of fate/destiny/magic that this worked out, because Jamie gave me my first official blog design back in 2009 when she opened up Shatterboxx, and it was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with her on this version. So if you don’t already, enjoy my shameless plug of where to find her:

She’s kind of a big deal on Facebook. You will love her musings on Instagram. And if you haven’t seen one of her articles shared around the world by millions of people – you can see a list of the greatest hits here.

Bonus, her handwriting is forever etched on my arm as part of my memorial tattoo for Adam.

*#truthjuice = what we drink around here. You can drop your email in the box up top, down here at the bottom, off to the side or click here to get it served, freshly squeezed, straight to your inbox.

So, since it’s been a hot minute – what’s new with you? How’s life? Are you new here? Let me know in the comments – I pinky swear I don’t bite!


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