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Puggle Christmas 2016

#TruthJuice: Holidays are tricky. It seems like they’re either ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT or TOTALLY SHITTY. Sometimes they’re both at the same time. If you’re having a great day, let this add to it. If you’re feeling a bit blue this holiday season, let the puggles lift your spirits. Happy Whatever-You-Celebrate-Or-Don’t-Celebrate from the Williams fam.

Puggle Christmas 2016 from Sydney Williams on Vimeo.

2017 = the year I actually get my shit together and get serious about my writing. More to come on that in the new year, but in the event that you aren’t already signed up for #TruthJuice – you can do that by clicking here or entering your email address up top, on the side, or down below. 🙂

We’ll be wrapping up the year by backpacking across Catalina Island on the Trans-Catalina Trail. Given my serious lack of physical activity this year, this will be an adventure of monstrous proportions. Fingers crossed I don’t get mauled by a bison!

Full recap of that trip to come after we get back – stay tuned!

Until then, have an INCREDIBLE rest of 2016, and we’ll see you next year!

Hearts, sparkles, rainbows & unicorns,

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