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Unfuck Yourself S1E3: Kate Anthony


S1E3: Divorce, Single Motherhood, and more with Kate Anthony, CPCC – Parenting, Single Motherhood, Separation + Divorce

Kate Anthony is a certified life, divorce and parenting coach who works with moms to put their kids at the center, not in the middle, of their divorces.

Through her private coaching programs and product suites, Kate helps mothers navigate the tricky waters of divorce, from making the decision to stay or go, to helping former stay-at-home moms rebuild their lives from the bottom up — all while keeping an eye on protecting children from the fallout.

Whether it’s reclaiming your lost self, starting to date again, figuring out co-parenting plans or starting a new business/career venture, Kate has the experience, expertise and coaching chops to get you to the other side, with love, compassion and the occasional swift kick in the pants.

* Kate explains what she means by putting your children in the CENTER vs. the MIDDLE of divorce decisions
* 100/100 vs. 50/50 in relationships
* Defining Single Motherhood and its many layers of nuance, and how Kate recognized the difference
* And the yet-to-be-named-and-refined Q&A section, during which Kate blows Sydney’s mind with this nugget: “I didn’t know I thought I was unworthy.”

FB personal (accepting followers but not friend requests from strangers): Kate Anthony
FB business page: Kate Anthony, CPCC – Parenting, Single Motherhood, Separation + Divorce

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