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Unfuck Yourself S1E4: Desiree Adaway

desiree adaway

Pull up a chair and grab a beverage for this one.

S1E4: Getting Free with Desiree Lynn Adaway

Desiree Adaway is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator. She leads difficult conversations around race, class, and gender, and she does so with the greatest of ease.

Simply put, Desiree knows who she is, knows why she’s here, and she’s here to help you figure out the same for yourself.

* Desiree defines what it means to be free and explains how we aren’t – no matter how free we think we are
* Comfort is a value in this country – and how that informs how we react to folks who challenge our deeply held beliefs
* The System: Fall into line, hide, be destroyed
* Reflecting on the Women’s March, and the differences between primarily-white protests vs. protests led by people of color
* #NotAllWhiteWomen – and why proclaiming that you’re not like the rest of the millions of white women who voted for Trump is false, and dangerous
* “Ally” is not a cloak you wear. You have to show up every single day.


NEXT WEEK: Alexis Morgan is here to talk capitalism, tech bros, and her first-hand experience interacting with one of the self-proclaimed leaders of the “hustlepreneur” movement

* Assata Shakur (…)
* Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown
* Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures, by Betsy Leondar-Wright


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