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Unfuck Yourself // S1E9: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin is one of the active voices of The Resistance. Thousands of people tune in each day to watch her #ResistanceLive as she breaks down what is happening with the Trump Regime, explains the legalese, and tries to make sense of a nonsensical administration.

We sat down with Elizabeth to chat about The Resistance, her perspective on this regime, women’s leadership, and how all of our voices are needed right now.

– Elizabeth explains the birth of #ResistanceLive
– Where’s the diversity? What she’s done in the past and how she’s working to foster an environment of inclusion at her future events
– Common threads among the high-powered leaders she’s worked with through her programs at The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

That’s a wrap for season 1 folks! We’re taking a break next week and we’ll be back in October with a whole new lineup and some fun changes – stick around!

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