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“You Only Get So Many Sunsets”

“You only get so many sunsets.” – Adam Rubin

Grief is a funny thing. My buddy Adam used to say “You only get so many sunsets” anytime we’d watch a sunset together, whether that was on a dropzone, at OB/Sunset Cliffs, anywhere. He was a sucker for sunsets.

I had to go to his profile and do a couple long scrolls to make sure I had the quote right. I knew I did, but I didn’t want to misquote him.

Which kinda makes you feel like a shitty friend, ya know? Like, the least I could do to honor his memory is remember his fucking quote about the sunsets, right?

I know he’s with me at every single one of these sunsets, but my god, I wish he was silhouetted in these shots. I wish I could do a “Sunsets with Adam” series and have his sister Nicole show me some tricks and navigate a sunset with me.

I miss him, clearly. And it feels great to acknowledge that.

And every time I see a sunset like this, or see a picture of one of my friends doing a thru hike, I get that pang of excitement and hope as I first did when he first mentioned the PCT.

Maybe “sunsets with Adam” could be my inspiration for a thruhike of my own…


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