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On Golden Globes + #MeToo + #TimesUp

Armchair Activists are out in full force in my newsfeed this morning and I’ve got this to say:

Complain about whatever the fuck you want – the lack of “true” action, the lack of color in the fashion, the ____________ that you’re complaining about.

Truly, get mad. Your anger is righteous. In general, as humans, we’ve been suppressing our anger for far too long and it’s high time we get familiar with it and learn how to express it.

But unless you have a solution on the tail end of that complaint, take your negative shit somewhere else.

Are you dissatisfied with the level of activism displayed last night? What would satisfy you? What would have been a suitable demonstration? This isn’t a combative question – I truly want us all to take a moment and think about it. Because we’ve been served a lot of things to react to lately. Tons. Every day is a barrage of things for us to get mad about.

And I don’t want to discredit the strides we’ve made. Since the 2016 election, there are a ton of people reacting publicly and making their stances clear and heard. This is good. Getting mad is a great first step.

ANDBUTALSO: We’ve got to start training our brains to think critically again, because reacting isn’t enough.

We need to react AND bring solutions so we can start seeing the change we all want so desperately.

So here’s my hot take on last night: I would have loved for every single woman to stay home last night – the sheer lack of women on a nationally broadcast award show would have made waves. But I’m disgusted that my desired outcome would be a complete lack of women in an audience. I’m tired of women having to fix this.

And, if they had just not shown up, it would have been a wasted opportunity to redirect the conversation.

So, I wish the women of the Golden Globes had their own event last night – focused on their Times Up initiative. If I were hosting/coordinating the event, I would have set up a massive event space with comfy couches, blankets, cozy clothes for us all to wear, and plenty of whatever your beverage of choice is – coffee, tea, wine, water, whatever.

We’d have breakout groups where we collectively tackle an industry or topic, and then we’d come together periodically and share what we’re working on to inspire the other action teams. At the end of the evening, we’d have an action plan for how we can start to address this in our place of work, immediately. And we’d have follow up events to discuss what strategies are working, what aren’t, and reassess and realign our approach on a regular basis. Because as we all know, the only constant is change.

So, that thing you’re angry & reacting about? What is a potential solution for the problem? Now that you’ve stated your position on the topic at hand (whatever that may be) – what is one thing you could do today to fix it?

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