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Kicking Off the Diabetes Documentary Diary!

These photos have me soooo inspired to write, so here we go!! I’m going to share a photo, probably every day, from this shoot, for the forseeable future. Tomorrow we’ll officially kick this thing off, but here’s my thoughts from one of the last shots of this shoot:

“You only get so many sunsets.” – Adam Rubin. 💚🙌😍

In this moment, I knew who I wasn’t, who I was, and who I wanted to be.

In this moment, in one of the last frames captured during the #LiveBoldLiveNow documentary shoot about my life since being diagnosed with #type2diabetes, I felt seen, heard, understood, and supported.

In this moment, I stood grounded in my power.

In this moment, I learned how to love myself a little bit more.

In this moment, a new version of me was unleashed.

I am so fucking thankful for this opportunity.

I’m thankful for @blueskyshaman for being the true embodiment of a life partner, and for supporting me every step of the way in every area of life since the day I fell down in the courtyard at CSC on the way to my first jump course.

I’m thankful to @_jabishop_ for the opportunity to tell my story, and @contentdirector for expertly leading me through the interview process.

I’m thankful for @drewbaccasolo for capturing one of the most intense moments my life in such a beautiful and respectful way.

And I’m thankful for @thomasvanveen, who captured this particular moment so beautifully.

Nicknamed “One Take Tom” for his efficiency and talent behind the lens, when we were wrapping up with the sunset, I had been standing there in one position for way longer than I had at any other point of the weekend.

“Hey One Take Tom, you’re still shooting, is it epic behind me?”

Indeed it was.

📸 @thomasvanveen / @documentaryassociates

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