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Diabetes Documentary Diary: Part 1

I was awkward as fuck for this first day because it was my first time on the other side of the camera. And this was taken like 30 minutes after the crew started loading into my house for the interview portion, which would happen after this photo shoot. Talk about slingshotting yourself out of your comfort zone.

The part I haven’t really talked about is that the night before this picture was taken, I gave notice at my job, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my career.

I had accepted the offer at From Molly With Love but wasn’t scheduled to start for another month, and I wanted this shoot to be free from any kind of professional attachment. For most of my life, I’ve allowed my career or activities to define me. I wanted this to be something just for me, in a really pivotal moment in my life. I wanted to capture my progress with the disease at this moment, of course, while also looking ahead to this next MASSIVE chapter I just embarked on.

So in the rush of having a camera in my face, a photographer I hadn’t figured out yet, walking in an alley I hadn’t been in, being told to do something with my face other than my normal cheesy ass grin, and not having any control (that’s the kicker, right?), I didn’t notice the letters on the garage doors. Until I got these photos back.

It’s trippy AF that one of the first photos from this life-affirming experience has me squarely between Door A and Door B.

I’m just shaking my head thinking “I mean, of fucking course, this is how it goes, that weekend was MAGIC.”

More stories with more photos for like, forever. Maybe about what I was thinking about when the photo was being taken, maybe something completely unrelated, we’ll see, but my whole body is vibrating on some crazy frequency right now and I am taking full advantage of the words as they come.

I’ve spent years being silent, and it feels almost foreign to have found my voice.

📸: @thomasvanveen of @documentaryassociates (if you’re in/around DC and getting married, call this dude immediately)

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