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SPARKLE PANTS!! 💖🚶🏼‍♀️ Fun fact about Sydney: when I’m not writing, learning how to use my camera, hiking, paddleboarding, having other fun adventures with @blueskyshaman, or sailing on the #VikingStar with @chriscruises (as is the case for the past two weeks), I’m probably at improv class.

I started playing with my fellow improvisors at @finestcityimprov back home in San Diego in January, right before we shot my diabetes documentary. I’m currently in Level 4!

So, back to SPARKLE PANTS. It’s a reference to the leggings formerly known as glitter pants, yes, but it was also one of the scenes I did in class recently, and this memory came up during this hike.
A few weeks ago, our fearless improv leader @garyware said my rule for the scene I was about to do with @majfrukt was that I could only say two words. For the whole scene. I could change the way I say them, I could do whatever I want with my body, but the two words were all I got. “SPAAAAAARKLE PAAAAAAANTS!” I shouted to start the scene.

A battlecry, of sorts.
Sparkle pants?
Sparkle pants. Sparkle…. Pants?

Cut back to my hike in Tromso earlier this week. As I was having that little self-timer photoshoot on a fjord (see my previous post), I couldn’t stop giggling when this memory came back up.

I didn’t shout Sparkle Pants at the top of my lungs, and I would regret that, but I’ve got a redemption tour tomorrow! 💖🚶🏼‍♀️😂 I am absolutely losing my mind here, I am so excited for this hike!

TOMORROW WE ARE HIKING IN/AROUND GEIRANGER. This fjord and it’s village are one of the top destinations in Norway for nature lovers.

If you’re new here, hi! Where is your favorite place to hike? Any bucket list hikes?

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