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Hiking With Goats in Geiranger Norway

This is the moment I met my Norwegian adventure buddy while #hikingmyfeelings up Geirangerfjord. This little goat hiked with me, made sure I didn’t get too far behind when I was taking pictures and videos, and led me back to the group, as far as they could go before I had to cross a road.

This was one of the best hikes of my life. Check out my Goat Hike in the Highlights on my profile, @sydneyunfiltered. Make sure you have the volume up, this little nugget made this trip extra special.

@vikingcruises does NOT disappoint with the optional excursions they offer on this Midnight Sun itinerary, especially if you want to have some unique outdoor experiences. If you’ve never considered cruising, I highly recommend it. This marks cruise #19 for me. All but three of those were pre-Instagram so, you know, did they even happen?

Either way, this trip is first in class for this kind of trip (long, international, luxury line) and as far as my sentimental rating goes, it’s tied for first place with my honeymoon cruise with @blueskyshaman back in 2012.

If you ever have questions about cruising, ask me, I am an open book!

SPOILER: it’s not just for our older friends and family, I have been doing it since I was 14 and have loved every one at every stage of my life so far. From moody teenager to 33 year old on a soul journey, each one has made an everlasting mark on my life.

More on that when we get home. Gonna kick it around Bergen today and we make the journey back to Orlando tomorrow and then I’m back home to San Diego on Sunday evening.

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