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Hiking My Feelings: Hometown Sneak Peek

OMFG THIS IS REAL. I mean, of course it is, it’s happening, we’re doing this, but three months ago this idea didn’t even exist, and now all of my wildest dreams are coming true.

I am SO grateful.

I figured it is probably a good idea to get on stage before I hit the road for my speaking + hiking tour with REI. So I asked one of my sheroes, Amy Lisewski if I could give my talk for the first time from her stage at Finest City Improv. You may remember me gushing about the community at FCI earlier this year.

I cannot think of a more fitting stage for this talk to be delivered publicly for the first time. I found myself on this stage over and over again. I met friends for life on this stage. I learned how it feels to embrace my bright and shiny on this stage.

If you’re in/around San Diego next Sunday, I’d love to see you in the crowd. Show starts at 7pm at FCI. Tickets are FREE and PLEASE get tickets if you’re planning on coming so we can get an idea of head count. Tickets here:

TW: This presentation contains material that may be triggering for survivors of sexual assault.

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