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Speaking Tour Dates Are LIVE!!

I’m sitting here, unsure of if I should cry, dance, barf, or pass out.

Two months and two days ago, Barry and I gave birth to the next chapter of our lives, right here on this couch. #hikingmyfeelings was born and we took the “yes, and” principle from my improv classes and blew the idea out of the water.

Set to the tune of Stick Figure after our insane weekend in Vegas and SD for the Schools Out For Summer Tour, I was inspired beyond belief.

I thought of everything I’ve ever wanted to do in my life and wrote it down on the supersize post-it’s we had all over the wall.

Write a book.
Make some kind of movie or documentary or SOMETHING in film.
Hike my face off.
Meet rad people.
See the world.

Slowly but surely, the ideas started making sense. I set one rule: We cannot worry about the HOW. We will figure that out, we always do, so let’s dream as big as we possibly can and let’s see what happens.

Today, the links for my first three stops of the Hiking My Feelings speaking + hiking tour with REI went live. Seeing my name on their website, the first step toward a life I dreamed up, is absolutely blowing my mind.

When we had the call two months and two days ago, I was optimistic but cautious. “Not overly excited til it’s in writing,” I warned myself, not wanting to get my hopes up.

“No, screw that! You have been to hell and back and you’re still alive. They LOVED your story. You ARE enough. You don’t have to have thousands on thousands of Instagram followers to have a story worth telling. THIS IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR, LET’S MAKE SOME MAGIC AND HELP SOME PEOPLE.”

I have never been so proud of myself. I have been suppressing my creativity, my shine, my sparkle, my talents, my desires, EVERYTHING for so long. And this talk is everything I’ve ever wanted: to tell my story, the whole story, and be seen and heard.

Will you come see me? I mean, really see me? I’d love to see YOU at one of these talks.

These talks are FREE and please register via the REI event links below if you plan on attending.

10.12.18 BURBANK:

10.19.18 TUSTIN:


ALSO! I’m doing group hikes on the Saturday following the talks, join the Hiking My Feelings™ group and/or opt-in for the email list at to get information on the group hikes! These are NOT affiliated with REI, I just really want to hike with as many cool people as possible on this tour so come do some uphill walking with me!!

(and if you could share this with a friend, I’d love you forever!)

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