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Dreaming big is scary

Sitting on this rock, having just hiked up a fjord in Norway, I had some big dreams.

Sitting on my couch, having just got off the phone for a morning full of incredible calls about HMF, I am realizing how scary it is to have big dreams.

Shortly after this photo was taken, our group in Tromso boarded our van and made our way to a little restaurant on the side of the road for some local fish stew.

I sat with the couple I was sitting by on the bus and the woman who made the soup. They asked what I do for work and I told them about what led me to dreaming big with #hikingmyfeelings. I told them everything, the hard decisions and mistakes I made at the startup, what had happened so far since I got done with my second thru-hike of the #TransCatalinaTrail, and what was yet to come in my big dreams. It was the first time I had ever articulated that entire chapter and how much hope I had for @hikingmyfeelings.

This couple is from Missouri, hiking with me in Norway, and they’re about my parents’ age. Not knowing anything about who they are other than an estimation of how much they love to travel and knowing what it costs to be on this boat, I figured worst case, they wouldn’t understand and I might have an opportunity to explain. Best case, maybe they love it and tell a friend.

When I got done talking I looked down to the bowl of fish soup, desperately wishing there was more of it to eat so I’d have something to do with my eyes and my hands.

Rick, the husband of my seat mate on the bus, reached across the table and touched my arm: “We did the leap of faith thing 20 years ago and I wish we did it sooner.”

He and Cheryl (my bus buddy) proceeded to tell me about the work they were doing before they took their leap of faith, and how everything else lined up once they did. I saw a little sparkle in both their eyes as they looked at each other and told me their story, as if to say “Man, that WAS scary, but look at us now!”

I love how travel surprises me. I love how my dreams surprise me.

And I am so excited to tell the whole story on Sunday at @finestcityimprov. Get tickets here!

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