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TAP Into Life Podcast: Hiking My Feelings!

There have been a lot of “firsts” this week.

SUNDAY: first time telling the #hikingmyfeelings survivor story in public

MONDAY: first emotional hangover of this new chapter

TUESDAY: first time Barry and I had a “board meeting” in awhile, cruising around Mission Bay, solving the world’s problems

WEDNESDAY: first podcast interview of the @hikingmyfeelings podcast tour (more info on this one soon, but I am SO DAMN EXCITED ABOUT IT). First time drinking @pepperlive #pepperwine. And first time seeing @shanehallofficial play (omg I can’t stop listening to “Vacancy” on Spotify).

THURSDAY: first time talking to one of my USF professors since graduation. First time telling my story to someone in a bar.

FRIDAY: first time seeing @kbongmusic play solo and first time seeing Scott from @stickfiguremusic since we met in June, 5 days before THIS WHOLE THING was born in my living room to the tune of his entire catalog.

So many epic highlights from this week, but the best one had to be this:

After I finished my speech on Sunday, I felt magnetically drawn to the table where @tap_into_life were sitting. Travis and Pete had some great questions, one of which was: OMG CAN YOU PLEASE BE ON OUR PODCAST, LIKE, THIS WEEK? After baring my entire soul on stage for the first time in my life, the fact that these guys wanted to hear MORE not LESS was so life-affirming in that moment. Like I had just done the hardest thing, standing on stage and talking about how surviving sexual assault has shaped my ENTIRE LIFE, and these guys didn’t run away. They saw me, heard me, understood me. And their energy was like a homing beacon drawing me into that cocktail table.

The new moon was last Sunday and now that I look back on this week, every single thing I called in with my new moon rituals and meditations is showing up in my life in the most organic, beautiful way. My whole vibe for the past 5-6 years has been shifting away from the concept of “world domination” and moving into “world collaboration” – and the Universe has heard that request loud and clear and is escorting some INCREDIBLE humans into this next chapter of my life.

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