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This is who I knew I could be.

Tour stop #2 for the #HikingMyFeelings Speaking and Hiking tour is a wrap! Our time at the Tustin REI store was so damn special.

The first time I did this talk was in September. I was so ready. I was a ball of nerves, but I was ready. Everyone in that room was there because they wanted to be. I didn’t hold anyone hostage, they were there to support me and it melted my heart. There were a handful of new faces, but for the most part, I knew or knew OF almost every person in the theater. And I had been on that stage before. It was a beautiful foundation for the rest of this tour. They showed up.
At our first stop on the “official” tour which launched at the Burbank REI last week, I was lifted up and given extra courage by Barry of course, but also old friends like MichelleHannah, and Travis. There were new friends like Brit and Paul in the audience. And then the rest of the folks were brand new faces. Some came from the She Explores Podcast. Some came from Girls Who Hike. Some found out from REI’s calendar. They showed up.

Friday, I pulled myself together after a draining morning and last few weeks, and gave the speech of my life for a room full of strangers who would quickly become part of our @hikingmyfeelings family. I showed up. I was calm, I found flow quickly, and my habit of explaining every single mistake I make subsided significantly, something I learned I can let go of thanks to Jesse in my level 2 improv class. Everything I’ve ever done, professionally, personally, spiritually, physically, all of it, came through on this talk. And it hit me like a freight train: this is my craft. I want to share this everywhere.

I am terrified to share video of this because I feel like it’s better seen and understood in person. I’m terrified that if I post clips, that the points won’t land without that full context. I’m afraid that people won’t like me, because I’m VERY different than the Sydney you’re picturing in your mind right now, unless you’ve been intimately involved in my life over the last 10 years. I’ve shown up a lot of different ways over the years, but this, this is the me I knew I could be.

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