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Venus Retrograde is a delight.

There are some powerful women having some serious revelations in my world right now:

😻They’re finding partners for business and life adventures. Platonic and romantic and professional. The people they need to meet to heal old wounds are just showing up and these folks are ready to play. And heal.

🌌 They’re coming into their understanding of their journey, connecting dots on the stuff they were taught/conditioned to believe versus the conclusions they are arriving at on their own.

🔦They’re shaking the conditioning that requires them to care for others before they care for themselves. And when I say care, I don’t just mean a fancy face routine and some candles. I mean the deep, dark inner work to unravel and unpack and strip away all the things they aren’t, to discover who they are.

🚀 Not surprisingly, this is also my journey right now.

🔮 Venus retrograde is a delight.

🦄 #hikingmyfeelings is my favorite way to feel.

🔥And you only get so many sunsets so make sure you’re doing what you can to catch them.

📸 @blueskyshaman

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