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We only drink TRUTH JUICE, freshly squeezed, straight to your inbox.

Set yourself free.

With you, I am safe.
With you, I am seen.
With you, I am heard.
With you, I am understood.
With you, I am loved.
With you, I am free.

These past two weeks have been filled with explosive growth, understanding, compassion, and love. This speaking tour has challenged me in ways I didn’t know I could be or needed to be challenged. It has caused me to redefine relationship dynamics (@chaninicholas warned me, thanks #venusretrograde!) and establish boundaries for myself where they have been desperately needed for decades. It has introduced me to some of the most incredible people on the road, new faces in the audience that quickly become our family. With this family, we have hiked our feelings, cried, shared intimate and personal stories over trails and meals, and we have shown them how our little corner of the world works: show up without your mask, be free from judgment, and share your stories.

Yesterday, I had the first panic attack I’ve had since I left the startup in May. I went from having near-daily (sometimes multiples per day) attacks to none, and yesterday rocked me. I forgot how much a panic attack can shred my system.

Until yesterday, I thought I knew the capacity of my love for you.
Until yesterday, I thought I understood the depth of your love for me.
I severely underestimated both. Yesterday you showed all the way up for me, in ways I didn’t know I needed and in ways you hadn’t demonstrated before, and I want every single person who sees this to feel this in their bones when I say:

❤️ Encourages you.
💛 Challenges you to be your best.
💚 Feels easy.
💙 Reminds you of your worth, talents, and inherent beauty.


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