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People have been asking about the process or formula for Hiking My Feelings. Truthfully, I don’t know if there is one. I’ve been solutions-oriented for my entire life, especially my career in communications. I’ve been surrounded by the best of the best, whether that was in the conference room or the locker room. I am not a stranger to excellence, and as a result, I’ve been playing catchup most of my life. As a skydiver, some of my closest friends were world champions. As a marketer, the first female leader I met was on the team that came up with “got milk?”. I have always had one eye toward the finish line or the corner office and never really stopped to enjoy where I’m at.

With this chapter, I’m actively enjoying my newbie status. I’m enjoying the journey. There isn’t some destination to reach here, this is my life’s work.

#HikingMyFeelings is how I process my emotions and experiences. Sometimes I walk and talk it out, but mostly, it’s a physical process while I’m in it. I’m a quiet hiker. I hike to move my body and access deep memories and emotions and then I write to process what comes up for me before, during, and after the hike.

Sometimes hikes are riddled with insights and downloads of universal wisdom. Sometimes they aren’t.

My only requirement of myself on these hikes: show all the way up. No matter what comes up, or doesn’t, show up. Show up for yourself, show up for the people hiking with you, and show up for the land you’re hiking on.

📸 My glorious partner in crime, B-for-Barry.

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