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Our last sunset before #vanlife - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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Our last sunset before #vanlife

This was our last sunset at the Castle, our little bungalow here in San Diego.

Barry and I moved here two years ago and the night we moved in, we had a bed, a TV, our skydiving rigs (we weren’t jumping, but we still had all of our gear), and that was about it. With my big kid salary, we ditched our dropzone-donated furniture and created the living space of my wildest dreams. We sold our bed today, so the couch is all that’s left.

I remember when I got this perfect grey couch, the one I had been seeing in my dreams and meditations for YEARS. The one I wanted to snuggle up on, share great stories on, cry all the tears on. Check, check, check. This next chapter of our lives, taking Hiking My Feelings on the road, was born out of a conversation had on this couch. I took client calls from all over the world on this couch. I sobbed hysterical tears and had panic attacks while proofing Premiere week emails late at night on this couch. I flew my whole family out for Thanksgiving last year to talk about how we can all individually (and together) make a difference in the world, on this couch.

But of all the hard and beautiful conversations held here, the night I felt safe enough to tell my husband about the sexual assault I survived 12+ years ago takes the cake. Hands down the best memory from our time in this home. 💖

I love that this single rosebud is sending us off with this gorgeous sunset. Somewhere out there, everyone we’ve loved and lost is smiling down and beaming us with their warmth and good vibes as we embark on this new adventure. Last night it was my grandmother Rosebillie and my buddy Adam.

💚 “You only get so many sunsets.”

I have always been a sucker for a sunset and I look forward to sharing as many #vanlifesunset photos as I can! Today we move into the van, and I’ll be sharing our adventures in #VANLIFE via my Instagram stories!!

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