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We dreamed it. We’re doing it.

#vanlifesunset 11.28.18 🚐 🌅

We dreamed it, now we’re doing it. In January I parked in this exact spot for the last photoshoot for my #LiveBoldLiveNow documentary about my life with #type2diabetes. I stood right across the street, having never done a real photoshoot before that weekend, and dreamed as big as possible, or so I thought.

Just days before, I had quit my fancy agency job to join my friend’s startup. She had big plans for us: make a ton of money, make a big impact, write books about our experiences as badass business women, go on speaking tours around the country, and eventually, with my 1-point-something percent equity, someday I’d have this spot on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard here in San Diego.

There’s an empty lot toward the end of the street. It was purchased in the 70’s for $10,000 and has never been developed. Damn near every morning before I’d go in to the startup, I’d go for a walk up and down this street. I’d envision pulling down the street in my Tesla, pulling into my perfect waterfront home, plugging in the car, and catching a sunset from the front porch.

The dream changed a bit. I quit the startup without a backup plan. Risked everything. Racked up insane credit card debt in the lifestyle shift from six figures to waiting for late paychecks and extending my credit to the business, to not making any money at all. Sold everything I owned. Convinced my husband it was a good idea (didn’t take much). Asked for what I wanted.

Tonight, I have exactly everything I need. Barry, a soul I’ve spent several lifetimes with behind the wheel, my thumbs furiously typing from the passenger seat, nothing but open road (and rush hour traffic) ahead. My path through this life is not a straight line. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The #HikingMyFeelingsTour is on the road, officially, today after our final walk through on the Castle.

Let’s do this. I was born ready.

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