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Body Positivity

I’m sitting here, unsure of if I should cry, dance, barf, or pass out. Two months and two days ago, Barry and I gave birth to the next chapter of our lives, right here on this couch. #hikingmyfeelings was born and we took the “yes, and” principle from my improv classes and blew the idea out of continue reading…

My story isn’t changing.

“You better work on a better story, because you’re full of shit and nobody is going to buy it.” Just typing the words makes my heart pound. I can feel my heartbeat in my chest. My throat is tightening as my thumbs move to capture the physical sensations this exchange caused in my body. I continue reading…

OMFG THIS IS REAL. I mean, of course it is, it’s happening, we’re doing this, but three months ago this idea didn’t even exist, and now all of my wildest dreams are coming true. I am SO grateful. I figured it is probably a good idea to get on stage before I hit the road continue reading…