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Thank you, Diabetes.

This year, I’m thankful for my Diabetes. This disease helped me find myself. It helped me heal my mind, body, and spirit. Photos left to right: Summer 2017, before my diagnosis. November 2018, 13 months since diagnosis. Thank you, Diabetes. Thank you for being the thing that finally reconnected me with my body after my continue reading…

Hear me now, believe me later.

You can lead. You can take the first step. You can plant your feet with confidence. You’ve trained for this. You were born ready. You have everything you need inside you. Acknowledging that the first time feels heavy. Like grief. Like loss. Like an elephant (or a Puggle) sitting on your chest. Hell, I threw continue reading…


Type 2 Diabetes is my #EverydayReality. Some days feel like gnarly switchbacks, some feel like toe-smushing downhills, some feel like a power pose at the summit. There are four factors that affect my blood sugar levels: food, exercise, meds, and stress. I tackled the first three right away after my diagnosis. I started noticing positive changes continue reading…