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Take off your sunglasses. Take off your hat. Take down your hair. Take your shoes off. Wiggle your toes around. Take off your socks. Wiggly toes resume. Some of the best moments after a long day on the trail, in life, or at work, amiright? Imagine giving your entire BODY the freedom to wiggle like continue reading…


My tears don’t make me a crybaby, they are my power. To feel things so intensely is a gift, not a curse. My overflowing joy isn’t a threat to your life. It is a mirror for you, to show it is possible to break free of what we’ve been taught to value and define happiness continue reading…

There are some powerful women having some serious revelations in my world right now: 😻They’re finding partners for business and life adventures. Platonic and romantic and professional. The people they need to meet to heal old wounds are just showing up and these folks are ready to play. And heal. 🌌 They’re coming into their continue reading…