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LIFE UPDATE TIME! Last month we kicked off the #HikingMyFeelings Speaking + Hiking Tour with REI. We tested a “talk Friday/hike Saturday” format and it was INCREDIBLE. Barry and I loved it so much, we decided to expedite our #VanLife plans so we can be more mobile and do this wherever there is demand. 🚐 LIFE UPDATE #1: We gave notice continue reading…


Type 2 Diabetes is my #EverydayReality. Some days feel like gnarly switchbacks, some feel like toe-smushing downhills, some feel like a power pose at the summit. There are four factors that affect my blood sugar levels: food, exercise, meds, and stress. I tackled the first three right away after my diagnosis. I started noticing positive changes continue reading…

Everything is possible.

It’s the first Monday after the first leg of my first speaking tour and I’ve tried to write this post 19 times. I keep trying to weave in some level of my struggle to keep it real and hope it’s enough to make you like me, but that’s me on my old shit so here continue reading…