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Let go let go let go.

Taking this full moon in Pisces pretty seriously with back-to-back full moon paddle sessions to soak up as much of this energy as I can. @chaninicholas told me in my meditation today that sometimes we gotta jump right in and just be one with the water. Sometimes we gotta just let the ocean of collective consciousness continue reading…

Just Keep Showing Up

We had only been paddling a few times since my diagnosis in September, so when the director said we had a 6:30 start time on Sunday morning, I was a little nervous. I was nervous that I’d fall in and get soaked and freeze to death, because everything was going so well. Surely SOMETHING tragic continue reading…

SUP = Radical Self-Care

I want to talk about how a trip to the ISLE Surf & SUP warehouse sale has changed my life. I’ve always thought that I was fat. For my ENTIRE life, I’ve thought this was my truth. That I was as big as a house, and that my sheer existence would disgust people if I continue reading…