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Four years ago today, my friend Adam died during a BASE jump. His physical form has now been absent from this planet longer than I knew him. That’s a hard one to swallow. August 1 is a day I always clear my schedule for. Today, I’ll go to @baronsmarket, grab a sandwich (they stopped selling his continue reading…

This is the moment I met my Norwegian adventure buddy while #hikingmyfeelings up Geirangerfjord. This little goat hiked with me, made sure I didn’t get too far behind when I was taking pictures and videos, and led me back to the group, as far as they could go before I had to cross a road. This was continue reading…


SPARKLE PANTS!! 💖🚶🏼‍♀️ Fun fact about Sydney: when I’m not writing, learning how to use my camera, hiking, paddleboarding, having other fun adventures with @blueskyshaman, or sailing on the #VikingStar with @chriscruises (as is the case for the past two weeks), I’m probably at improv class. I started playing with my fellow improvisors at @finestcityimprov back home in San Diego in January continue reading…