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Product Reviews: I’m currently accepting products for review as it pertains to hiking, backpacking, paddleboarding, and general wellness. I am a Type-2 Diabetic so if you represent a food/nutrition company, please be aware that I am as close to sugar-free and gluten-free as is realistic.

Sponsored Travel: I am available for sponsored travel. If you work on behalf of a travel brand, destination, or otherwise are looking for someone to review your product/service/destination, let’s chat. I’m more inclined to accept opportunities that include an active/adventure component of the trip, as that is an important part of my everyday life and managing my Diabetes.

Next Trip: July 9-29 – Sailing into the Midnight Sun through London, Scotland, Denmark, and Norway via Viking Ocean Cruises.

Speaking: My path is not a straight line and I’m convinced life turns around when we stop playing small, start speaking our minds, and realize that we are not alone. I am open to talking about damn near anything and everything including but not limited to: my career path, my choice to be childfree, my advocacy for cannabis legalization, my time as a competitive skydiver and the losses that caused me to retire from the sport. My current focus is centered around my experience with Type 2 Diabetes and the great outdoors. Since I was diagnosed in September 2017, I’ve lost nearly 60 pounds total and have completely revamped my life to effectively manage this disease via diet and exercise. My primary forms of therapy/exercise are currently long-distance hiking (dubbed #hikingmyfeelings) and paddleboarding. Check out this documentary I was featured in earlier this year (and nearly 30 pounds ago!) to hear more of my story.

General Questions: If you have a question or comment and aren’t sure if it fits into the categories above, pick this one!