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We don’t recommend drinking anything while watching this episode. S1E5: Truth, Justice, and Liberation with Alexis Morgan Alexis P. Morgan is hilarious. She’s the pole-dancing, sword-wielding, democratic socialist, Pan-Germanic Heathen, on-the-low-heaux sorceress Pat Robertson warned you about. She makes her cheddar as a professional writer, facilitator, artist, ritualist, and priestess. Devoted to Truth, Justice, and continue reading...

desiree adaway

Pull up a chair and grab a beverage for this one. S1E4: Getting Free with Desiree Lynn Adaway Desiree Adaway is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator. She leads difficult conversations around race, class, and gender, and she does so with the greatest of ease. Simply put, Desiree knows who she is, knows why she's continue reading...