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Unfuck Yourself

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A few years ago, I met Jess through a women’s entrepreneurship program. That program fucked me up more than it helped me out, and in the years that followed, I would message Jess about new things that were fucking me up, and in the sacred space of a Facebook Messenger inbox, we unfucked some of my shit.

So when Jess and I started trading coaching for marketing, and we talked about some ways to get HER to be more visible, we talked about this show. “Unfuck yourself” has been a phrase that has been in Jess’s brain for a hot minute, and suddenly, seemingly out of thin air, it became the name of the show, the show we’d do together.

We’re just getting started but we have some amazing guests lined up!

Welcome to Our Little Corner of the Internet:


Episode 1: Host Intros!

Episode 2: Unraveling with Staci Shelton

Episode 3: Divorce & More with Kate Anthony

Episode 4: Getting Free with Desiree Adaway

Episode 5: Alexis P. Morgan

Episode 6: Andréa Ranae + Cameron Airen

Episode 7: Hannah Betts

Episode 8: Host Chat

Episode 9: Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin