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Unfuck Yourself // S1E8: Host Chat: Hurricane Irma - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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Unfuck Yourself // S1E8: Host Chat: Hurricane Irma

THIS WEEK, Jess and Sydney talk about #HurricaneIrma and disaster preparedness/recovery in general.


– Jess explains why she evacuated, and how not everyone has the privilege to do so.
– Sydney talks about some companies that impressed her while Irma was making landfall in Florida (shout out to Elon Musk, Tesla, JetBlue, and CNN – I’m looking at you Anderson Cooper 360)
– …and about a company who seems to be preying on folks in the hurricane’s path
– We talk about how to communicate with folks who are currently somewhere in the process of dealing with a natural disaster/any kind of crisis – a little something we like to call “Grace & Space”
– Can we stop with the Monday Morning Quarterbacking of natural disasters and the decisions folks are making in a crisis?
– The difference between how the media portrays POC as “looters” and white folks as “people just trying to survive” and why that’s garbage and disgusting.
– How can we better prepare? Why do people under mandatory evac have to pay to get to safety? Yes, capitalism, but how can we break that down? How can we better support our fellow Americans?
– Oh, and #climatechange is real

Were you affected by Irma? Harvey? Keeping an eye on Jose? Are you fired up about how the media covers natural disasters? Let’s talk about it in the comments below – this conversation doesn’t end with us.

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