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join the unfiltered family.

Around here, we don’t drink the kool-aid.

We only drink TRUTH JUICE, freshly squeezed, straight to your inbox.


My tears don’t make me a crybaby, they are my power. To feel things so intensely is a gift, not a curse. My overflowing joy isn’t a threat to your life. It is a mirror for you, to show it is possible to break free of what we’ve been taught to value and define happiness for ourselves. I’m not “too smart for my own good”. I am brilliant and you knew that and it scared you so you projected your insecurities on to me to try to control me. I don’t love too hard, too fast, or too much. My love is perfect for the people meant to receive it. My laughter is a song to the right ears, if you don’t like it, feel free to change the station. My hair is not trashy, in fact, hair can’t be trashy unless you have literal trash in your hair, and at that point, just let me help you get it out. My body is my vehicle through this life, and your words about it no longer have weight here.

I am now, as my brother in rage, @djlord says: UNFUCKWITHABLE. I have boundaries. And a voice. And I intend to use both to create a better world for myself and the people I care about.

In my world, you can show up without your mask, be free from judgment, and share your stories.

All vibes welcome, kind vibes encouraged.

📸: @thomasvanveen of @documentaryassociates

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