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I cry because I care. - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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I cry because I care.

Ascend. Transcend. Transform. Unleash. Set a boundary, feel the release. First, tears. Tears of sadness are the most easily identified because that’s one of the first agreements we make: tears = sadness. Heavy in the chest. Loss. Loss of an identity. Loss of a deeply held belief. Loss of a lie internalized as truth. A crack in the foundation, but not destruction. Foundations can be reinforced if the cracks are filled with love.

Frustration. The next layer of tears. My frustrated tears get me in trouble, “you can’t cry your way out of this, you’re so manipulative.” My frustrated tears are misunderstood, “she cries about everything, she’s so damaged.” After tears comes clarity. The magnitude of my tears is no longer a burden or tied to fear, but a beautiful new measuring stick for the size of my love. My frustrated tears are rooted in my deep love and concern for the message. For language. For the nuance and intent behind the words we choose. I fancy myself good at this. When I stumble, I get frustrated. When I get frustrated, I cry. I cry because I care. SWEET RELEASE. I cry because I care. I cry because I care. I cry because I care.

Shifting focus from fear to love. Boundaries are not something to fear.

Boundaries are the greatest form of self-care.

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