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LIFE UPDATE: Hiking My Feelings Tour - SYDNEY: unfiltered.

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LIFE UPDATE: Hiking My Feelings Tour


Last month we kicked off the #HikingMyFeelings Speaking + Hiking Tour with REI. We tested a “talk Friday/hike Saturday” format and it was INCREDIBLE. Barry and I loved it so much, we decided to expedite our #VanLife plans so we can be more mobile and do this wherever there is demand.

🚐 LIFE UPDATE #1: We gave notice on our lease. This month we buy the van, December 1 we are on the road. We are still selling tons of stuff, come get it!


I heard a lot of things on and off-trail during the first leg of the tour:

1. “Me, too! When is the next REI talk? I want to bring a friend to the next one.” – at least one person at every stop.

2. “Thank you for talking about Type 2 Diabetes, there aren’t enough people doing that.” – Cassidy & Kenny, two Type 1 Diabetics who want to hike the TCT.

3. “I want to hike the Trans-Catalina Trail and I have no idea where to start.”

4. “I want to hike the TCT with you someday.”

For all of which I say: I GOT YOU, BOO!

1A. Giving these talks is how I heal. Every time I tell my story, I am reclaiming a bit of the life and the dignity that was stolen from me on the day of my assault. When you stick around and say “me, too” after I’m done speaking, I melt. This always ends in a hug and probably tears. So many survivors waving the flag. It’s a club I’d rather not be in, but damn, if my fellow members aren’t some of the most badass humans I know.

BONUS: We’ve got more REI dates! Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your kids.

1.11.19Hiking My Feelings // Huntington Beach REI
1.18.19Hiking My Feelings // Arcadia REI
1.25.19Hiking My Feelings // Santa Monica REI

2A. I honestly haven’t been talking about Diabetes much because after I was profiled by REI as a diabetic enjoying the outdoors, there were several comments about how Type 2 isn’t “real” diabetes, and I lost a bit of my confidence on how loud I was being about diabetes. I didn’t want to disrespect “real” diabetics. Cassidy gave me some very much appreciated permission to share my Diabetes story, because my disease is real and it affects millions of Americans. With that nudge, I started sharing more about my Diabetes journey yesterday. Check my stories on Instagram to learn more about my #EveryDayReality.

3A. Check out the hikes in the graphic below. We’re starting the first round of our #TransCatalinaTrail Training Group on November 17th. Info on the training program is accessible via our Facebook group: Hiking My Feelings™

4A. Someday is coming soon. 2019 is going to be full of regular trips across the island, starting with our Training Group trips.

And this is just the beginning.

If you are local to San Diego and want to hike with us on Black Friday instead of buying more stuff you don’t need for people you don’t really like, join us for Hiking My Feelings: #OptOutside Edition. Afterwards, we’re going to go see Fortunate Youth at The Observatory North Park.

We’ve also got a concert hiking series started as we follow our favorite bands on tour in 2019. So if you’re a fan of Stick FigurePepper and friends, check out Hiking My Feelings: Red Rocks in advance of the show on April 20. If you’re heading to Cali Roots, hike with us for Hiking My Feelings: California Roots.

If you want to join our TCT Training Group, or hike with us, or learn more about the cool stuff we’re doing in 2019, click this thing right here –> Hiking My Feelings™

All the Hiking My Feelings info can be found at hikingmyfeelings.com too.

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW! Thank you for your support!


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