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I cry because I care.

Ascend. Transcend. Transform. Unleash. Set a boundary, feel the release. First, tears. Tears of sadness are the most easily identified because that’s one of the first agreements we make: tears = sadness. Heavy in the chest. Loss. Loss of an identity. Loss of a deeply held belief. Loss of a lie internalized as truth. A continue reading…

Tour stop #2 for the #HikingMyFeelings Speaking and Hiking tour is a wrap! Our time at the Tustin REI store was so damn special. The first time I did this talk was in September. I was so ready. I was a ball of nerves, but I was ready. Everyone in that room was there because they wanted to be. I continue reading…

Wild and free.

Growing up, I got very clear messages about my hair. White trash. Dirty looking. Chaotic. Not curly enough to be pretty, not straight enough to just let it dry and have it look nice. The goal, instead, was blonde and straight and that’s how I wore my hair for forever. If there was a chance continue reading…